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Who are our services for?

The centre is an open, inclusive community space that welcomes trans and cis women, queer and nonbinary people, and people questioning their gender identity.
It is important to have spaces that promote diversity in all its forms, whether cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, etc.

Our services are available in French, Haitian Creole and English. They are free and confidential.

Community Spaces

The centre includes: a library with a wide range of reading material, a computer and printer station and a documentation centre on your rights.

Free Services Available:

Printing and photocopies
Washing machine and dryer access
Tablet, laptop, and headphone loans
Book and document loans
Transportation to the centre
Tokens for HSF/Sherbrooke public transportation
Daycare (on request)
Lamination of your vaccine passport
Free condoms
Emergency personal hygiene kits

If you need anything else, please let us know.

Drop-in Individual Support

Support workers are there to listen whenever you need. We offer listening services, reception, accompaniment (legal aid, in court, etc.), and references if we’re not able to help.

Educational Activities

Interested in learning something new, building your understanding and educating yourself on subjects that affect you? The Centre is a space for discussion that welcomes you to share your experiences and learn from one another via:

• Informations sessions
• Support groups
• Skill shares
• Discussion groups
• Fun workshops

Space for programs

Collective Action

The Centre strives to defend the rights of women and nonbinary people from a feminist perspective of social change. We take action and fight for social justice, a large-scale refunding of social programs and public services, increases in funding for autonomous community organizations, respect for the autonomy of community groups, and the elimination of poverty and all forms of violence.

• Demonstrations, vigils, gatherings, marches
• Petitions
• Mobilization Committee
• Letters of support and open letters
• Meetings with elected officials
• Popular education workshops
• Support or signing various campaigns